Lowestoft Jazz Weekend
12-15 September

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Welcome to Milestones Jazz Club, since 1996 Lowestoft's premier jazz venue!

Whilst catering to a wide range of styles, Milestones highlights the more modern end of the jazz spectrum in an informal, friendly atmosphere. From small trios to 18-piece big bands, we feature everything from bebop to hard bop, latin to fusion, cool jazz to free jazz. For details of our next gig see below

World class musicians performing in recent years have included Peter King, Don Weller, Ingrid Laubrock, Henry Lowther, Jack Parnell, Jim Mullen, Roger Beaujolais, Polly Gibbons and The Eastern Bloc Big Band.

Milestones is resident at Hotel Hatfield, Esplanade, Lowestoft and opens its doors at 8pm on the first Sunday of every month with an admission price of £9 or £5 for under 25s - no club membership necessary. For enquiries, information on how to find us or to join our extensive mailing list please click here



The Tony Woods Project

Alto-saxophonist and composer Tony Woods returns with his band to Milestones for the first time since 2009! His emotional work is full of subtle surprises that mingle hard-hitting post-bop and English folk music, a raw passionate edge with a tender lyricism. Modern jazz of freshness and originality from one of the UK’s top bands featuring the great Chris Allard (guitar), Robert Millett (vibraphone), Andy Hamill (double bass) and Milo Fell (drums). Last date of a UK tour, not to be missed!

Watch YouTube footage of TWP here. Listen to a recent BBC Radio 3 programme about the band here and visit Tony Woods’s website here

"A deceptively reserved player with all kinds of hidden fires"
The Guardian

"Definitely jazz for the 21st century"
Jazz Journal

"The best of contemporary British jazz"
Musician Magazine

"If ever a band deserved a higher profile, it has to be the Tony Woods Project. European sensibility and American grooves united"
Jazz UK magazine

"Combines a jazz edge with the melodic zest of folk...delightful - a romping country dance with a contemporary urban flair"
BBC Radio 3

"Woods is phenomenal"
BBC Music Magazine

Admission: £9 / £5 (U25)

Toni Morrison

"OK, we're in a recession. Now you can all know what it's like to be jazz musicians".

Saxophonist Gilad Atzmon to the audience at The Bath Festival, 25 May 2008, quoted in The Guardian (31 May 2008)


The refrain will be coming soon: that's the part I like the best and the abrupt way in which it flings itself forward, like a cliff against the sea. For the moment it's the jazz that's playing; there's no melody, only notes, a host of little jolts. They know no rest, an unchanging order gives birth to them and destroys them, without ever giving them time to recover, to exist for themselves. They run, they hurry, they strike me with a sharp blow in passing and are obliterated. I should quite like to hold them back, but I know that if I managed to stop one, nothing would remain between my fingers but a vulgar, doleful sound. I must accept their death; I must even will it; I know of few harsher or stronger impressions.

From 'La Nausée', Jean-Paul Sartre (1938)


"The blues is real, it’s not perverted or thought about, it’s not a concept. It is a chair, not a design for a chair, or a better chair or a bigger chair or a chair with leather on ... it is the first chair. It is a chair for sitting on, not for looking at or being appreciated. You sit on that music".

John Lennon interviewed by Jann S Wenner, ‘Rolling Stone’ (1970)


"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones".

John Cage quoted in 'Conversing with Cage', Richard Kostelanetz (1988)